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My Love Story

10:15 PM / Posted by Oscar Law /

It's more than 2 years I didn't write my blog. Why? Because I am busy on other stuff =) Not study, not working, which is I found a girlfriend 2 years ago. 
One day, I was shopping in Sunway Pyramid, and I met her. Yeah, she is the one who I looking for. The first impression she gave me was she is pretty. After few day when I was at Genting Highland with my friends, I only notice that she is my high school friend's friend, what a coincidence! Then we got a chance to meet with each other while we are celebrating friend's birthday. 

However, she is not a perfect lady I met, she do not have a devil look body figure, her appearance is normal, she do not have a good temper and she like to shopping. However, I'm still love her and willing to be with her in future of my life, this is because I know she is truly love me. She can do anything for me although she is busy on her own stuff. When we started our relationship 1st few months, we are so sweet and we went to many places to hang out and travel. But, after that, we always quarrel with each other, even with just a small problem. We have a bad time during that period. We quarrel until we almost break up (touch wood). I'm a big man style and I don't have a good temper either, everytime quarrel I will hardly apologized and admit is my fault, mostly she is the one who say sorry and make me laugh. Sometimes I really feel helpless, but I also feel funny, when she talk softly and try to make me smile, my anger will disappeared. 

During this short 2 years, she and I are just feel like being together more than 5 years, haha. I would say this 2 years are the years that I feel is so fulfilling, everyday is my interesting day. She make my life interesting, she taught me how to become a real mature man (that time I was a college students who do not plan on my future), she gave me everything in my life, she will try her best to help me on my problems although her solution is not work, I really appreciate it. I have seen her smile, laugh, angry and cry, and the moment she cry is the worst thing happened on my feeling, even I didn't say anything to comfort her, but my heart is really pain at that moment. And I know she cry because she is really sad, otherwise she won't simply drop her tears. For everything bad I did to her, I would like to say "Dear, Sorry~". 

I cannot guarantee this relationship is last forever, but I can confirm this is my best relationship so far because she is my everything. We have gone through many obstacles and we solved them together. In future there are still a lot more challenge and obstacles for us to gone through, I just wish that me and she can go through together in the rest of my life. I love you, Dear, just like how you love me~

Happy Valentines Day


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